4 Steps Of Pregnant Gymnastics Based On The Age Of Gestation

The time of Pregnant Gymnastics to be many questions from the pregnant women. And indeed although there is no basic rule about this matter, many doctors suggest to start doing pregnant gymnastics when the age of gestation is more than 22 weeks. This is caused at this age, the condition of the womb begin to swell, so the burden will be heavier. Besides, the condition of the fetus branch also start to growing up requires the condition of pregnant women to keep fit.

The pregnant gymnastics is divided into 4 phases based on the age of pregnancy. The first step is done at the time the age of gestation is 22-25 weeks. The second is performed  when the age is 26-30 weeks. The third is when it is 31-35 weeks. And the last step is at 36 weeks of the age of gestation until before giving birth.

There are some the pregnant gymnastics movements that can be done for each of the stages are as the following:

1. The Sitting Position of Pregnant Gymnastics 

Sitting cross-legged and sturdy position with the both of arms face forward, with similar pose when doing a yoga. Or by the position of legs are stretched as wide as possible with the back position is still unshakable. Next, lean forward with the arms fall forward.

2. The Sleeping Position of Pregnant Gymnastics

Begin by supine sleeping position and put the both of  feet down on a chair with the hips and head keep on the floor. Furthermore, lift the buttocks with rest on the elbow of arms, and hold this movement for 1 minute in 8 sets of the exercise.

3. The Standing Position of Pregnant Gymnastics

Use dumbbells or two bottles of water are filled with water, so it have weight about a half to one kilogram. Lift up the bottles of water as high as the head, with the position of shoulders are parallel. Draw close the both of hands, then open back with the shoulders are parallel. Repeat thi movement at least 10 times. Next lift the both of bottles to the top and back to the previous position with the shoulders are parallel, and do it at least 10 times.

The Kinds of Pregnant Gymnastics
a. Kegel gymnastics

Kegel gymnastics is stretching gymnastics that can be useful to strengthened pelvic of the pregnant women so make easier the process of giving birth normally. This Pregnant Gymnastic Movement is usually done with the lying position. The movement is started by a comfortable supine position with the both of legs are bent. Lift the womb with the both of hands are parallel to the floor. Hold that position for 3-10 seconds, and repeat the movement at least 4 times. Kegel gymnastics can be done in four stages have mentioned above.

b. Squatting gymnastics

Squatting gymnastics is a pregnant gymnastics which is done by squatted. The movement is started in a standing position with both of hands are joined in front of chest. Make sure the position of back is straight forward, and into a squat position slowly. Hold this position for 10 minutes and then back to stand slowly. In order to obtain maximum result repeat at least 4 times. Squatting gymnastics is well done at the age of pregnancy in 6 or 7 months.

c. Tilt the hips

Tilt the hips is done to steel the abdominal muscle and reduce the back pain. Begin this gymnastics is by crawled with the head is parallel to the back. Move up and down the neck while take and pull the breath. Do it for 1 minute. And the movement of tilt the hips can be done after 5 months of gestation.
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