The Troubled Pregnancy Signs Should Be Waried

The troubled pregnancy should be waried because it can destroy your dreams to have a cute baby in the family. The risked pregnancy is more occur in women with age are too young or too old. So to prevent that, every couple needs to know the ideal age for pregnant and start to plan a pregnancy.

The troubled pregnancies are signed by abnormal fetal development, so affecting the growth of the fetus in the womb which is hampered. Even some cases cause the fetus dies in the womb, or born prematurely.

There are some signs of troubled pregnancy that should be waried are as the following:
  • The early symptoms of troubled pregnancy are the pregnant women often queasy, heavy vomiting so disturb the food intake for the fetus in the womb. Usually the symptom of troubled pregnancies is also accompanied by high fever so the pregnant women are difficult to consume food and beverages.
  • Cramps in the pregnant women at the age of 1 to 3 months of pregnancy is often occur. But, if the cramp which is felt with an intensity that is longer and more frequent, it could also be an indication that your pregnancy is in trouble. Even, it can be a trigger of miscarriage.
  • The next troubled pregnancy is the appearance of blood spots especially in the first trimester of gestation. If the blood spots are not much and not accompanied by pain in the vagina, then it is common occur. However, if the blood spots are much enough and accompanied by pain, you should consult to a doctor immediately to get a treatment and intensive care.
  • The danger condition in a pregnancy can also be signed by a burning sensation during urination because there is an infection in the ureter. To prevent the possible of bad things happen, then you should consult to a doctor immediately to get a treatment.
  • There is an intense contraction when the second trimester of pregnancy, so be worried the premature birth happened. To handle the troubled pregnancies with this condition, you should doing a checkup to the doctor immediately to get a proper medical treatment.
  • Occuring the swelling of limbs, legs, arms so it causes the disruption activity. It can be an indication there is a problems in the pregnancy, and can only be known in the examination by the doctor.

After knowing the troubled pregnancy signs like the above, you as a pregnant woman should increase alertness, begins the first time you knew that you had pregnant. Especially at the age of the pregnancy that has entered the second trimester needs get more attention until the prepare of childbirth.
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