Tips To Fatten The Body By Natural Ways

Fattening the body also became a problem that is difficult to be done for some people. This of course because there is the person's desire to have an ideal body weight. Not only related to the appearance and easily choose the clothe sizes, having the ideal body is also believed healthier. This breaks the opinion that the weight problems is not only the obesity and should be handled by the health diet, but the less body weight is also becomes a problem that also must be handled soon.

The natural ways to fatten the bodies for them were too lean that are healthy and safe can doing some steps as the following:
  • Do not drink before eating, or when eating is also interspersed with drinking. This is caused can make you feel full faster, but the portions of food that enters the body is still a little bit because the drink that you have consumed. After eating, you should wait 5-10 minutes for a drink, so that your lean body can be fat.
  • Increase the consumption of high-calorie foods. The types of high-calorie foods (avocado, nuts, wheat bread, cheese, and milk) are very effective consumed for the body fattening program.
  • Eat small portions but more often intensity. If you usually eat three times in a day with a large portion in the day, from now eat 5-6 times a day but the portion is reduced. This method is believed very effective to fatten the body by the natural way.

Another natural way to shape the ideal body is by the OCD Diet. This diet method is claimed to be suitable for men and women either overweight or underweight. It is based on Deddy Corbuzier’s statement which sounds "for perpetrators of OCD who have a high fat or obesity, then the body weight will quickly decline. Within a week, the weight can go down up to 4 kg. While for skinny people who also doing OCD diet, Deddy claims that the body weight will not be reduced, only the fat is missing. So when someone had skinny, he will not thin anymore, but the shape of the body becomes better.
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