Wary of The Bone Flu Disease in Rainy Season

The Bone Flu disease is one of the epidemics or influenza type caused by the parvovirus B19 virus is transmitted through the Aides Aegypty mosquito. The influenza disease types is also often called and known as the chikungunya disease or bone fever. This disease is a further effect of mutation of influenza viruses that are stronger in an effort to survive. The flu-bone or chikungunya disease is not causing a death, but it can cause paralysis.

Because its spread through the mosquitoes, then same as the Dengue disease, It is extremely fast. The word of 'chikungunya' is derived from Swahili language which means curved and bend body position. The body shape of Bone Flu disease sufferers will usually bow because experience the joint pain is very great. The disease was first found in Africa land precisely in Amarinda. And in 2001-2003 the Parvovirus B19 virus was estimated have infected 3,918 without resulting death toward the sufferers.
Bone Flu Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of Bone Flu disease is feeling pain in the joints that occurs within 2-4 weeks after you suffer the common flu. At night you will feel cold and in the morning the body is stiff and difficult to be moved. Another symptom of the Bone Flu appears the red spotted on the skin and mouth as the symptoms of Dengue fever, so it needs a medical examination for certainty the diagnosis of Bone Flu disease.
Treatment of Bone Flu Disease

The Bone Flu disease causes feeling painful and pain in the joints, so it would be veri sick if it is moved. As the beginning of the healing process, you have to get enough rest, and taking the fever medicine and do compress to anticipate the febrile seizures. Until now there is no the specific drug for Bone Flu disease. You just need to improve the immune system by eating the nutritious foods, avoid the high fat foods, cigarettes and drinking coffee. Consumption of the flu medicine also should not be arbitrary, and it should be consulted to a family doctor before or a general practitioner around your home. By the natural treatment methods and the help of the doctor, usually this disease will heal within 7 days, but the painful and pain feelings in the joints will longer to heal about 3 weeks.
Bone Flu Disease Prevention
The painful that is felt would make you complain of pain, so you certainly do not want to suffer the disease or even experienced the worst incident caused by the Parvovirus B19 virus that is paralysis or disability. Therefore, you have to do prevention:
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the environment so the Aedes Aegypty mosquito that is carrier the Parvovirus B19 virus do not live around you,
  • Drain the water reservoir places such as the tub and flower vases at least once a week,
  • Do not hang the clothes in the room, because mosquitoes love hiding in these places,
  • Make sure the air circulation and sunlight get into the house smoothly. And immediately close the windows and doors when the sunset, in order to the mosquitoes do not get into the house. 
  • Keep the condition of the immune in order to always maximal and do a healthy lifestyle and eating the nutritious foods.

With the above ways may we avoided of the Bone Flu disease. You and your family do not need to panic when there is suffer the Bone Flu disease, quickly take to your doctor and let the sufferer gets enough rest and keep watch so they feel comfortable and cared for.
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