Yoga Training For Pregnant Women Will Reduce Stress

Depression and stress felt by pregnant women can certainly affect the baby's growth in the fetus. And of course for those of you a prospective mother does not want it happens. And to reduce the stress, you can do yoga. Yoga training for pregnant women will also increase the inner relationship between you and the baby.

Mental health problem caused by pregnancy hormone causes mothers are more easy to depression, anxiety, irritability, inability feeling to cope the stress experienced. The condition will be very high risk toward the mental problems such as depression and stress, therefore, yoga is a significant aid to help reduce stress when pregnant.

The foregoing is evidenced in a research done by the Complementary Therapies Clinical Practice, involving the prospective mothers with gestational age 12-26 weeks, and doing yoga training for 90 minutes focused on the body. From that research, it was found that yoga training for pregnant women is one of the effective treatment to demulcent the symptoms of stress so improving the prospective mothers’ health and fetuses in the womb.

Only a few prospective mothers who received care and want to treated to overcome the stress and depression problems. In fact, if not handled properly, this condition can affect the health of mother and baby, including the bad body weight gain, "preeclampsia", preterm childbirth, and the lack of inner bonding between mother and child.

Known many women are more comfortable with the type of non-medical care, such as herbal remedies, relaxation techniques, and yoga. Yoga training for pregnant women is an exercise that combines the meditation focus with physical poses which proved to be a powerful method to fight stress and increase the energy.
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